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New flood mitigation plan for Cairns inner suburbs

April 2019
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Cairns Regional Council will continue its commitment to flood mitigation with the endorsement of a new drainage management plan for the inner suburbs at this Wednesdays Infrastructure Committee meeting.

Division 5 Councillor Richie Bates has welcomed the Saltwater Creek Drainage Management Plan as the next important stage of flood resilience for Cairns.

Cr Bates said, “Council has not rested on its laurels with the completion of Moody Creek Detention Basin, we realise that there is more work to be done to protect our city from the extremes of the wet season”

“The Saltwater Creek Drainage Management Plan maps out potential problem areas and proposes a series of remediation works to mitigate flooding events”

“The catchment area includes the suburbs of Whitfield, Edge Hill, Manoora, Aeroglen and Cairns North. These populated residential areas will benefit from improved drainage, lessening the risk of damaging floods and bringing peace of mind to the residents”

“This plan will incorporate localised solutions to increase hydraulic capacity of existing drains as well as a more strategic response with a major new water channel for the long term”

“The plan details inundation mapping for different rainfall events showing the efficiency of various watercourses and remediation solutions where required”

“The total cost of the staged project will be around 17 million; however there will be opportunities for state and federal grant funding to lessen the cost to council, and this will be money well spent on vital community infrastructure”

“The strategy will compliment upgrading of the Saltwater Creek Bridge ensuring the improvements are integrated and bring maximum advantage”