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Wi-Fi success for Council

April 2019
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With over 1.3 million Wi-Fi sessions recorded in the last 12 months Cairns Regional Council has moved a step closer to Smart City status.

That’s the opinion of Division 5 Councillor for the CBD and inner suburbs Richie Bates who claims the city is on the precipice of a new growth boom driven by technology and education.

Cr Bates said, “In the last year more than 200,000 people have used councils free Wi-Fi service for the CBD and the Esplanade, this is a significant milestone in the transition of Cairns into a Smart City”

“Next year the city centre will host 1000 students in the new CQU campus, I have no doubt that our Wi-Fi technology will play an important part in supporting the CBD’s student culture”

“Being an attractive destination is not just about the climate and surroundings, for many this is about access to modern communications and the interactivity of urban utilities”

“This is something that locals and tourists can benefit from, and increasingly this is how people want to engage, not just in a social context but in pursuit of public services as well”

“Recent advances in security and parking using CCTV and overstay sensors have created a safer and more accessible CBD. These efficiencies enhance visitation and have resulted in over 400 free car parks with the city”

“This technology not only improves the lifestyle of citizens, but makes good economic sense by assisting commercial activity within a sustainable environment”

“Start-up entrepreneurial ventures are becoming the next generation of business, but they can rely heavily on internet connectivity, so having the capability through the NBN and Wi-Fi is a must”

“Of course there is more to be done, but Cairns council has clearly signaled its willingness to embrace the future, and the community is responding in a positive way”