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Council to support NYE Bus services

April 2019
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Cairns Regional Council is set to support post-midnight Sunbus services for New Year’s Eve, at tomorrow’s ordinary meeting of council.

In the wake of last year’s transport issues, Council will enter into agreement with Sunbus and Translink to provide extra services until 1:30 pm, allowing party-goers an alternative method of getting home after midnight.

CBD Councillor Richie Bates said, “New Year’s Eve celebrations will always be a part of our city and we need arrangements in place to get people home safely and efficiently – relying purely on private vehicles and taxis is not good enough”

“Ideally we should be providing this service every year as a diverse transport strategy is the key to maximising access to our CBD and Esplanade area”

“New Years Eve is the busiest night of the year, a variety of people will be visiting the city centre for entertainment and attractions. Council wants to make this experience as enjoyable as possible for all concerned, while allowing people to better plan their night out”

Cr. Bates continued, “The estimated cost of $15,000 is money well spent as it will extend existing services well past midnight to routes north and south”

“This council has made a concerted effort in supporting the revitalisation of the CBD with revamped public infrastructure and new transport facilities. We want to make the most of these improvements and give the community every opportunity to use it”

“A public transport vision for Cairns is vital for our livability and economic growth as a Smart City – Permanent New Year’s Eve Sunbus services should be part of that”